My Lake.

Beautiful lake-art based on AEM's meticulous on-the-water surveys. Designed for prominent display in the cottage, office or home. My Lake print maps are proudly Made in Manitoba.

Detailed survey

Prior to creating this My Lake print map, the AEM team spent many hours collecting and processing bathymetric (depth) data.

Visual perfection   

This My Lake print map uses AEM's superb colour-coding scheme to depict variation in water depth. Contour-lines and labels are added to make structure such as points, reefs and humps obvious.  A greyscale aerial image provides the perfect background.

Professionally mounted

Multiple mounting options are available depending on the size of the print. These are: foamcore ($), Plaque mount ($$) and Float mount ($$$). Very small maps cannot be Float mounted, and very large maps are not offered on foamcore due to potential warping issues. Click here for more information regarding mounting options.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All My Lake print maps come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you do not LOVE your map, simply return it within 7-days of receipt in new condition and we will issue a refund. We will even pay for return shipping!