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AEM Mobile Maps

How do I download AEM maps onto my mobile device?

Option 1

  1. Download the Avenza Maps app onto your device from either the App Store (for Apple/iOS devices) or Google Play (for Android devices).
  2. Launch the app, go to the "Store" section.
  3. Search for the AEM mapped water body you are looking for. There are many ways to search, but for example if you wanted a map of the Red River the simplest is probably to search for "AEM Red River". *Note: you may need to clear the location that is pre-filled in the "location" field.
  4. Select the individual maps or map bundle you want. Check out using the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

Option 2

  1. The lake list found at the bottom of this page can also be used! To get started, just scroll down to the end of this page and click on the lake or river you would like on your mobile device.
Avenza App - AEM Search


High-resolution AEM maps start at $2.99 USD. We also offer a few FREE low-resolution preview maps for certain water bodies.

For large bodies of water, small sections are available for purchase. Alternatively, you have the option to purchase a "bundle".  Bundle prices vary considerably depending on the waterbody, but are usually the best value if you are looking for superior contour mapping for multiple sections that AEM covers.

* The basic version of the Avenza Maps app is FREE, and this is all you need to display AEM maps.

Download on 5 mobile devices!

Each Avenza Maps purchase entitles the user to download a map onto five (5) personal devices.

Shoal Lake - Ipad Screenshot
LOTP iphone screenshots

What lakes are currently available?

Almost all of the AEM catalog is available à la chart !  Pick and choose your lakes/rivers! 

Barrier Lake
Blackstrap Reservoir
Bradwell Reservoir
Crooked Lake
Greenwater Lake
Ispuchaw Lake
Lake Diefenbaker 2023: Bundle (5 high-res maps + overview)
Kit Lake
Madge Lake
Piprell Lake
Rafferty Reservoir West 2023: Bundle (2 high-res maps + overview)
Round Lake
Sealey Lake
Shannon Lake
Zeden Lake
Zelma Reservoir
Northern Manitoba
Little Athapap Lake 2023: bundle (1 high-res map + overview)
Clearwater Lake: bundle
     Clearwater Lake: overview (FREE)
     Clearwater Lake: southwest section
     Clearwater Lake: northwest section
     Clearwater Lake: southeast section
     Clearwater Lake: northeast section
Paint Lake: Bundle (5 high-res maps + overview)
Barbe Lake
Bradley Lake
Foot Print Lake
Grand Rapids
Joey Lake
Liz Lake
Mid Lake
Scotty Lake
Webster Lake
Tramping Lake: Bundle (2 high-res maps + overview)
Wekusko Lake: Bundle (5 high-res maps + overview)
Velde Lake
Whiteshell: 2020 overview (FREE)
Barren Lake
Bedford Lake
Betula Lake
Brereton Lake
Big Whiteshell Lake
Caddy Lake
Camp Lake
Falcon Lake
Heart Lake
Horseshoe Lake
Hunt Lake
Jessica Lake
Lone Island Lake
Lyons Lake
McHugh Lake
Meditation Lake
Nora Lake
North Cross Lake
Red Rock Lake
South Cross Lake
Star Lake
Wasp Lake
West Hawk Lake
White Lake
Winnipeg River
Great Falls Reservoir (McArthur to Great Falls)
Lac du Bonnet: bundle
     Lac du Bonnet: overview (FREE)
     Lac du Bonnet: Seven Sisters area
     Lac du Bonnet: Town area
     Lac du Bonnet: west
     Lac du Bonnet: central
     Lac du Bonnet: east
     Lac du Bonnet: Lee River north
     Lac du Bonnet: Lee River south
     Lac du Bonnet: Bird River
Lac du Bonnet Trout Pond
Pinawa Channel (The Slough)
Pine Falls: bundle (Winnipeg River)
     Pine Falls: overview (FREE)
     Pine Falls: North
     Pine Falls: South
Pine Falls Reservoir: bundle (Winnipeg River)
     Pine Falls Reservoir: overview (FREE)
     Pine Falls Reservoir: Silver Falls to Great Falls
     Pine Falls Reservoir: Pine Falls to Silver Falls
Seven Sisters Reservoir: bundle (Winnipeg River)
     Seven Sisters Reservoir: overview (FREE)
     Seven Sisters Reservoir: Natalie Lake
     Seven Sisters Reservoir: Pinawa to Otter Falls
     Seven Sisters Reservoir: Dorothy and Nutimik lakes
     Seven Sisters Reservoir: Numao Lake to Slave Falls
Slave Falls Reservoir (Pointe du Bois to Slave Falls)
Upstream of Pointe du Bois: bundle (Winnipeg River)
Western Manitoba
Lake of the Prairies: bundle
     Lake of the Prairies: overview (FREE)
     Lake of the Prairies: south section
     Lake of the Prairies: south/central section
     Lake of the Prairies: north/central section
     Lake of the Prairies: north section (Roblin Bridge to Togo Bridge)
Pelican Lake: bundle
     Pelican Lake: overview (FREE)
     Pelican Lake: north
     Pelican Lake: south
Anton's Lake
Beautiful Lake
Beaver Lake
Childs Lake
Clear Lake
Corstorphine Lake
East and West Blue Lakes
East and West Goose Lakes
Glad Lake
Gull Lake (Duck Mountains)
Killarney Lake
Lake 400
Lake Minnewasta
Laurie Lake
Mary Jane Reservoir
Minnedosa Lake
Moon Lake
Nick Lake
Patterson Lake
Perch Lake
Persee Lake
Rock Lake
Shilliday Lake
Singush Lake
Stephenfield Lake
Tokaryk Lake
Twin Lakes
Two Mile Lake
Verrall Lake
Wellman Lake
West Watjask Lake
Whitemud River (lower)
Nopiming 2020 Overview (FREE)
Beresford lake
Bird Lake
Booster, Summerhill and Flanders Lakes
Garner Lake
Mink Lake
Rice Lake
Sausage Lake
Seagrim's Chain Lakes 1 and 2
Shoe Lake
Manigatogan River (Lower)
Wanipigow Lake
Lake Winnipeg and the Red River
Lake Winnipeg: Hecla-Grindstone-Riverton 2023 bundle
     Lake Winnipeg: Hecla-Grindstone-Riverton 2023 Overview (FREE)
     Lake Winnipeg: Riverton-Sandy Bar
     Lake Winnipeg: Riverton Harbour-Causeway
     Lake Winnipeg: Icelandic River (lower)
     Lake Winnipeg: Hecla-Grindstone West
     Lake Winnipeg: Hecla-Grindstone Southwest
     Lake Winnipeg: Hecla-Grindstone Northwest
     Lake Winnipeg: Hecla-Grindstone Northeast
     Lake Winnipeg: Hecla-Grindstone East
Lake Winnipeg: south basin bundle
     Lake Winnipeg: south basin overview (FREE)
     Lake Winnipeg: Gimli
     Lake Winnipeg: Sandy Hook
     Lake Winnipeg: Winnipeg Beach
     Lake Winnipeg: Matlock
     Lake Winnipeg: Red River Mouth
     Lake Winnipeg: Stoney Point
     Lake Winnipeg: Balsam Bay
     Lake Winnipeg: Grand Beach
     Lake Winnipeg: The Old Delta
Lower Red River: Lockport to Outlet Channels bundle
     Lower Red River: overview (FREE)
     Lower Red River: Lockport to Selkirk
     Lower Red River: Selkirk Park to Bridge-to-Nowhere
     Lower Red River: End of Main
     Lower Red River: Outlet Channels
     Lower Red River: Wavey, Netley, and Muckle creeks
Red River: St. Norbert to Lockport bundle
     Red River: St. Norbert to Lockport overview (FREE)
     Red River: South Winnipeg
     Red/Assiniboine rivers: The Forks
     Red River: North Winnipeg
     Red River: St Andrews
Northwest Ontario
Shoal Lake: 2022 bundle
     Shoal Lake: Indian and Snowshoe bays
     Shoal Lake: Northeast
Lake of the Woods: Clearwater + Ptarmigan 2021 bundle
     Lake of the Woods: Clearwater + Ptarmigan 2021 Overview (FREE)
     Lake of the Woods: Rush and Echo bays
     Lake of the Woods: Deception and Woodchuck Bays
     Lake of the Woods: Southwest Ptarmigan Bay
     Lake of the Woods: North-Central Ptarmigan Bay
     Lake of the Woods: Clearwater Bay east
Black Sturgeon Lakes: bundle
     Black Sturgeon Lakes: overview (FREE)
     Upper Black Sturgeon Lake
     Lower Black Sturgeon Lake
Catastrophe Lake
Deception Lake
Longpine Lake
Royal Lake
Trout Lake (HWY 596)
Southern Manitoba
Buffalo Bay: bundle (Lake of the Woods)
     Buffalo Bay: overview (FREE; Lake of the Woods)
     Buffalo Bay: North (Lake of the Woods)
     Buffalo Bay: South (Lake of the Woods)
Moose Lake
Gull Lake
Norris Lake
Mantagao Lake

Search tips to help you find & browse AEM maps

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