The rumors are true - we are now pursuing 3rd party data licensing! We are unable to disclose much regarding the specifics – i.e., which lakes have been licensed and to whom – but local anglers are pretty smart….we suspect you will know AEM data when you see it. 😉 Only a small proportion of our data has been licensed to 3rd parties so far, but that may change in the future.

So, what does this mean for you?

  1. Existing AEM/Lowrance users – no changes here, you’ll be able to continue using our AEM Digital Map Chips. We have many new lakes in the pipeline (more survey miles were logged in 2022 than in any year previous!), and upgrades for existing chips will be possible upon release.
  2. Existing AEM/Avenza users – no changes here, our premium maps will remain available on the Avenza Maps app.    
  3. Other anglers – you may now benefit from mapping derived from premium AEM data when using chartplotters other than Lowrance (and Simrad). We won’t be producing AEM branded map chips that are compatible with other chartplotters, but we are now offering our data to 3rd parties to incorporate into their own products. 3rd party mobile apps may also feature AEM data.  If you are an angler partial to a particular brand of chartplotter (or mobile app) and want access to AEM data for a particular body of water, we suggest reaching out to that companies’ customer service department. Get them to contact us directly. No promises, but perhaps we can work something out.   

This announcement punctuates the evolution/growth of our small business.  Our ability to offer premium maps of so many amazing bodies of water wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our loyal customers over the past 10 years. So, to everyone who has purchased a chip for their Lowrance unit, a print map for the cottage, or a digital map for an iOS or Android mobile device – thank you! And to those anglers whose catches are about to increase – please enjoy responsibly, and always practice selective harvest 😉.

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